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 World Wide Immigration Services Inc. offers our clients a wide range of services in order to assist with achieving citizenship.

We offer:

- Free assesment

- Paperwork and filing solutions

- Record keeping

- Application proccessing

- Proper advice and guidence

- Application solutions

- Multiple class applications

- Full family applications

- Visas and temporary permits

- Much more....

World Wide Immigration Services Inc. takes out all the hassles and worries of the immigration applications. We make the long anticipating wait for citizenship smooth and fly by with all our solutions for you and your company. Call for a free assessment or for more information on our wide range of services.

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 At World Wide Immigration Services we hope to be able to connect your family with all the tools required in order to successfully immigrate to Canada with your family. We believe that all families should not be separated and we work hard to ensure your entire family can have a new beginning in a glorious land. We assure you that we will do all that is in our power in order to help make the transition for you and your family fast and smooth so you can grow and start a new beginning in a land of promise.  

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