World Wide Immigration Services Inc. assists many people every year in obtaining their Canadian Citizenship. We utilize all the tools necessary and are up to date and aware on all immigration policies and laws. We give you the inside edge in order to achieve Canadian Citizenship.

Canada has multiple different immigration classes in which you can apply with, and within 5 steps you can be granted citizenship.

First, you must see if you meet the eligibility requirements:


Second, you fill out and file your application:


Third, you can review the status of your application and prepare for your citizenship test:


Fourth, you are required to complete and pass the citizenship test:

Citizenship Test

Finally, you attend a citizenship ceremony in order to take an oath and recieve your citizenship:


Congratulations you are now a citizen!

After completing these 5 steps and all requirements listed above are met, you will be rewarded with Canadian Citizenship. With guidance from World Wide Immigration Services Inc. we can make the process easy and take out a lot of the hassle and confusion from each step. Contact us for more information!