As the largest and oldest province of Canada, Quebec holds its own selection system for immigration and new settlement.

According to the Canada-Quebec Accord Relating to Immigration and Temporary Admission of Aliens (Link:, Quebec is solely responsible for the immigration of new settlers into the province. This means that unlike other Federal and Provincial programs, Quebec has its own unique drafting system to choose candidates to apply for immigration under different categories. Not only does Quebec offer its own channels of immigration, it also helps newcomers settling into the province by providing services to help them become a part of their society.

Currently, Quebec offers the following immigration programs for new immigration:

• Permanent Workers,
• Business Immigration,
• Temporary Workers,
• Foreign Students,
• Sponsors and Sponsored Persons,

Permanent Workers

Prior to applying for permanent residence in Canada, applicants must secure a Certificat de Sélection du Québec. The certificate must be filled out by the main applicant and include anyone over the age of 18 who will also be entered in the application for permanent residence.

Not only Quebec responsible for its own immigration programs, the province also has a slightly different structure to accept new applications. Similar to the point based system incorporated in the Federal government’s immigration programs, Quebec also uses a grid factor point based system for candidate selection.

Applicants are advised to follow a 9-step procedure to evaluate if they will be selected. The process starts with the applicant learning about the province of Quebec and decide if they will be able to fit into the French-speaking province (through the PEI and Regular Skilled Worker Program). The following steps encourage them to also analyze what type of professional and economic contribution they will be able to make. Once they realize that Quebec is a good fit, they are directed to submit an application through Mon project Quebec and await further instructions and decision-making.

Business Immigration

All applicants under the Quebec Business/Investor program must provide proof to the Canadian government that they are capable of being economically stable upon their arrival and settlement in the province. Once they arrive in Quebec, they will be issued a CSQ, the official document by the provincial government that will allow them to attain a Canadian Immigration (Permanent Resident) Visa once all of their health and security aspects have been processed and completed.

Applicants have the opportunity to apply to one of the three programs under this section; Quebec Investor Program, Quebec Entrepreneur Program, or Quebec self-employed program. For the Investor Program, the applicant needs to have a net worth of at least CAD $1.6 million and be willing to invest CAD $800,000 for a period of 5 years. Alternatively, the net worth for the Entrepreneur Program must be CAD $300,000 and the applicant must posses managerial experience in a business they owned or controlled and must show capability of establishing a business relating to their experience. Lastly, the minimum requirement for net worth under the Self-Employed Person Program must be CAD $100,000 and the applicant must have work experience in the profession or trade they intend to practice in Quebec. Please note that the processing time for each category varies from one Canadian Visa office to another.

Temporary Workers

Employers in Quebec can hire foreign workers for temporary projects in the province. These workers will be contributing to a particular skill category in the province of Quebec and the application and processing of this category varies from other programs.

The government of Quebec has simplified the process of hiring temporary workers. Applicants who are looking to work in Quebec briefly do not need to apply for a Labour Market Impact Assessment (LIMA) if they already have:

• A valid work permit;
• Have a Certificate of Selection in Quebec (CSQ);
• Currently reside in Quebec; and
• Has applied for permanent residency under the Quebec Skilled Worker Program.

In addition to the above conditions, the temporary worker must also fall within at least one of the following categories:

• Applicant is extending the work permit for their employer;
• Applicant is renewing the work authorization of a new employer in the province;
• Applicant is a foreign student who has attained a post-graduation work permit and has an endorsed job offer; or
• Applicant is participating in the International Experience Canada (IEC) initiative and is either requesting to extend their work authorization for the current employer or renewing for a new one.

Foreign Students

International students in Quebec have unique career and immigration opportunities. Prospect students seeking to enroll in Quebec colleges and universities should look into the Quebec Acceptance Certificate (CAQ) and if they require one for their studies.

The government of Quebec proposes a 7-step procedure for potential foreign students to apply to study in the province. It starts with finding out about studying in the province and why this idea appeals to the international student? It follows with applying for admission to an institution and obtaining the necessary authorizations to study in Quebec. Then, applicants are suggested to prepare themselves for their departure and proceed with facilitating their temporary stay and settlement once they arrive in the province. The last two steps encourage foreign students to renew authorizations before their expiry date and if interested continue with pursuing permanent residency through the PEQ if they think they are ready.

Sponsors and Sponsored Persons

Legal residents of Quebec have the opportunity to sponsor their family members to the province. A typical sponsorship 5-step procedure is described below. It is important to note that the government of Quebec ascertains the scales used to calculate the financial capacity of sponsors living in Quebec and to decide the extent of the responsibility.

The procedure to apply for sponsorship begins with finding out the requirements to sponsor a close relative. Once you know you satisfy the entire requirement, you can apply for them by submitting an application. Following, once your sponsor arrives, you are required to help facilitate their settlement with the help of government and are recommended to attend an initial interview at the Immigration Quebec office at the airport. Lastly, once your sponsor arrives in the province, you are the help them with integrating into the society with the help from resources from the government and its partner organizations.

To learn more about the details of the mentioned program or other options for immigration to Quebec, feel free to fill out a short from and someone will be in touch with you today for a free assessment.