The Provincial Nominee Program (PNP) offers a key solution to fast-track Canadian permanent residency for new immigrants.

Canada is a vast country with numerous opportunities to explore and settle into as a new immigrant. In order to gain the most economic advantage and further develop its provinces and territories, the Canadian government is offering potential immigrants a fast-track option to settle into Canada through the Provincial Nominee Program (PNP). Under this program, provinces and territories are allowed to nominate individuals who wish to immigrate to Canada and settle into that particular province or territory. Such individuals should have the skills, education and work experience to contribute to the economy of that province or territory and must want to live there permanently.

Each province and territory (exclusive of Quebec and two territories) has their own unique programs to select and nominate individuals, which are often labeled as “streams”. These streams target certain groups such as students, skilled workers, semi-skilled workers, and business people. Each PNP is customized to the province/territory’s individual needs and ensures that each newcomer fits effectively into life and work in that particular region. The streams ensure that the province/territory nominates individuals who will be able to contribute to its community and economy effectively.

Following are the provinces/territories currently offering PNPs. Browse to learn more about each individual program:

Alberta (

British Columbia (

Manitoba (

New Brunswick (

Nova Scotia (

Newfoundland (

Ontario (

Prince Edward Island (

Saskatchewan (

Northwest Territory (

Yukon (

(*Note: Quebec does not participate in PNP and has its own selection system for welcoming economic immigrants to their province. Contact us to find out how to apply to this province).

These streams also work as an Express Entry system that allows provinces and territories to select nominees more effectively to their region. As of 2015, most PNPs have at least one immigration stream associated with the federal Express Entry system.

Determine your eligibility

Please visit the individual province/territory nominee program website (provided above) to asses which region you might fit in best and which PNPs requirements you meet. Potential nominees can either fit into non-Express Entry streams or Express Entry streams. To learn more about the individual streams, click here (

How to Apply

You can apply either through the paper based process (non-Express Entry) or the Express Entry system. For each category, you must meet the minimum requirements of eligibility requirements for the province/territory you wish to immigrate to AND must be nominated under that particular stream. In order to be nominated by a province/territory, you must follow their instructions the instructions on their websites and contact them directly. For more information about how to apply for PNP, click here (

It is important to note that prior to submission of any PNP application to immigrate to Canada, a nominee should receive and include the Provincial Nomination Certificate from the province/territory they wish to settle into. Once the applicant has received a successful nomination by a province/territory, they must submit a separate application to Citizenship and Immigration Canada to receive their permanent resident visa. Applicants should also keep in mind that PNP processing times vary from one Canadian Immigration visa office to another.

To learn more about how to get nominated under the Provincial Nominee Program and gain a better understanding of which province/territory you would be best suited for, contact us today for a free assessment.